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I love this card!  I hope you do too.

Country Home Stamp Set # 147678

Country Home Stamp Set # 147678

I must admit that when I first saw the Country Lane Suite it was NOT on my must have list BUT I love it and have been crazy busy making as many cards as I can with it.  I love the sentiments on this set too. When I first saw the pitcher it immediately reminded me of my Grandmother’s blue speckleware dishes.  Some of you may be too young to know about it.  It’s also called enamel ware.  Basically, it’s metal dishes that were coated in enamel and it had speckles on it.  The most common was blue, but it also was done in red, brown and green.


I hope you have the patience to hang in there with me.  I’ve been trying all sorts of things and just when I think I’ve got it the world and especially technology changes on me.  That being said you will not see the entire list of products to make this card because the software I use is limiting to only 5 products.  Well, that’s impossible because each item has a different product number.  So the following list does not include everything I used to make this card.  I’ve sent an e-mail to tech support to see what needs to change.  The other thing is making videos.  I’m attempting videos and running into lots of technical issues.  One will post the other will not.  What???  So, I’m posting a video here as a test to see if it will upload correctly.  Scroll down to see it (I hope.)

Product List

I hope you can view this video it’s 18 minutes long but it shows some of the samples I’ve made.  I made the video to show during a Virtual Stampin Up party for my friend Jenni.  Thanks for being my test group.








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